What is Skate-it-Forward?

At South Bend Venues Parks & Arts, we are driven by equity. Equity can manifest itself in many ways, but for us, it means we strive to make sure every resident has full access to all of our park amenities, regardless of personal circumstances. Because of this, we are thrilled to announce Skate-it-Forward: a powerful community initiative where every patron of Howard Park will be a changemaker by eliminating barriers to entry for fellow residents.

In this program, 10% of all skating proceeds will go into a fund to cover the cost of skating for children and families who may not otherwise be able to afford it. Through partnerships with local community organizations, we will provide free skating tickets and lessons, so every child has the opportunity to enjoy Howard Park.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying to be a part of the Skate-it-Forward program, please apply below.

Skate-it-Forward Application

October 16, 2019 was our Skate-it-Forward Day of Giving. We raised dollars and awareness about our newest initiative at Howard Park. We shared information through videos and blog posts, posted messages from our community partners, and let you know why we think this program is so important. We also included fun games and raffles to keep our entire community engaged all day long.

Did you miss out on the Day of Giving but still want to make a difference?
First, DONATE. Only have $10 to spare? Great! You’ve just covered the cost of one person to enjoy skating at Howard Park.
Second, SHARE. Don’t be bashful about your donation, let the world know!
Third, ASK. About to post to social media about your impact at Howard Park? Tag 5 friends and ask them to do the same.

Want to keep helping now that our Day of Giving is over?

We’ll keep our donation page up all year round, but the most fun way to help is to visit Howard Park and take a skate for yourself. Every time you lace up on our new ice trail and pond, you automatically make a difference – 10% of all skating proceeds will go toward Skate-it-Forward.

Ready to help?

Donate now or e-mail VPA’s Chief Development Officer Annie Smith at annie@southbendin.gov if you want to get involved TODAY.