What is Skate-it-Forward?

At South Bend Venues Parks & Arts, we are driven by equity. Equity can manifest itself in many ways, but for us, it means we strive to make sure every resident has full access to all of our park amenities, regardless of personal circumstances. Because of this, we are thrilled to announce Skate-it-Forward: a powerful community initiative where every patron of Howard Park will be a changemaker by eliminating barriers to entry for fellow residents.

In this program, 10% of all skating proceeds will go into a fund to cover the cost of skating for children and families who may not otherwise be able to afford it. The program then uses these funds to provide skating opportunities through three initiatives: 1) we partner with community organizations to provide free skating passes to constituents they serve; 2) we offer free skating lessons because we know cost isn’t the only barrier to getting on the ice; 3) we offer a discounted family skating pass for those who qualify.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for the discounted family skating pass through the Skate-it-Forward program, please apply below.

Skate-it-Forward Application

After you’ve received your Skate-it-Forward Pass, here’s how to use it:
READY TO VISIT? Get your discounted $4 tickets at visithowardpark.com/prepay.
CHECK OUT using your personal promo code, given to you when you pick up your pass. We encourage a cashless process, but if you’re unable to pay for your tickets online, tickets may be purchased at the Howard Park Event Center front desk.
NO LIMIT! There is no limit to how many times you may use your pass to purchase discounted $4 tickets.

What are the other benefits?

Your Skate-It-Forward pass is active for 3 seasons before you will need to reapply. Part of the SIF program is offering everyone in our community free learn-to-skate events. See the schedule here. Registration for classes is coming soon!

Ready to help?

Questions about Skate-it-Forward, passes or other program benefits? E-mail Jessica Galeano (jgaleano@southbendin.gov) or Amy Roush (aroush@southbendin.gov)

Interested in supporting the Skate-It-Forward program financially? We are accepting donations online here.