Junior Vendor Information

The 2021 Howard Holiday Market, powered by South Bend Venues Parks & Arts, will be held outdoors at Howard Park on Fridays (5-8pm), Saturdays (10-4pm) and Sundays (1-4pm) the following weekends: Nov 26-28 // Dec 3-5 // Dec 10-12. The market is FREE and open to the public. All interested junior vendors should read through the following rules & regulations and complete the vendor application for consideration.


  • All are welcome to apply. Completed vendor applications must be received by October 25, 2021for consideration.
  • Winter, holiday-themed, and handmade wares are preferred but not required for consideration. Food vendors with customized holiday-themed offerings are preferred but not required for consideration.
  • If accepted, applicants will be contacted by South Bend Venues Parks & Arts (VPA) via email no later than October 29, 2021.


  • Booth spaces are 10’ x 10’ and located just off a concrete sidewalk, in the grass. You may be required to share a booth with another junior vendor. Each booth space will be covered by a white tent and include three (3) fabric sidewalls. Each tent will also be provided with one (1) overhead light inside the tent, one (1) portable space heater and one (1) 50 ft outdoor extension cord with either a double or triple head. The tent, the light, the heater and extension cord shall not be altered or damaged by the vendor. Vendors may be held liable for damage to materials that are provided to them by VPA.
  • Each junior vendor will be supplied with one (1) 8 ft table and two (2) chairs. Tablecloths and the display of merchandise intended for sale will be the responsibility of the junior vendor.
  • Please do not plan to utilize more heaters than the one provided by VPA, nor any open flames, outlet extenders or power strips. If any electrical use is deemed unsafe by our Facilities & Grounds staff upon inspection, junior vendors may be asked to immediately remove items from the power source for their own safety and that of our guests.


  • SET UP// Set up time begins at 1:00pm on Friday, 6:00am on Saturday, and 9:00am on Sunday. Vehicles are strictly prohibited from driving on the grass. Vehicles may access the market area via designated concrete paths in the park in shifts but will not be able to be driven directly up to the booth spaces. Vendors will need to be prepared to unload and cart/carry their items to their booth space in a timely manner.
  • BUSINESS HOURS // Vendors should be set up and ready to go by 4:00pm Friday, 9:00am on Saturday, and 12 noon on Sunday. Vehicles must be moved to the vendor parking area, merchandise unloaded and displayed, and payment operations up and running. Vendor booths must be fully operational at all times while the market is open until closing time every night: 8:00pm on Friday, and 4:00pm on Saturday/Sunday. Please be prepared with enough staffing to allow for staggered meals and/or breaks.
  • TEAR DOWN// Booth spaces will need to be completely torn down at the end of each day. Nothing may be left on the premises overnight. Tear down must conclude by 9:30pm Friday and 5:30pm Saturday/Sunday.
  • SECURITY // The City of South Bend is not liable for any loss or damage to a vendors personal property, merchandise or materials.
  • FOOD SALES // Vendors must submit an Application for Temporary Food Permit with the St. Joseph County Health Department for all food sales in advance in order to obtain the necessary permit(s) at least seven (7) days before the event. Please connect with the Special Events Coordinator if this is a new process for you. No home based vendors will be allowed to operate based on the St. Joseph County Health Department regulations for use of a Home Kitchen.  Accommodations can be made should you require a certified kitchen to prepare your product, please notify the Special Events Coordinator immediately after submission of application.
  • MARKETING// South Bend Venues Parks & Arts will own and manage all Facebook events associated with the Market to provide the most up-to-date information to the public. We ask that vendors refrain from creating personal social media events to avoid confusion. We encourage vendors to otherwise promote their attendance at the market and will provide a graphic specifically for approved vendors to utilize once their vendor fee is received.
  • SALES TAX// All vendors are responsible for filing their own sales tax records to the state of Indiana.
  • PROHIBITED// Tobacco use is prohibited on the grounds of Howard Park.

For additional questions regarding the junior vendor rules and regulations, please contact the Special Events Coordinator, Amanda Parker, at aparker@southbendin.gov.