Forever Learning: Why Studebaker Failed

11:00 AM  – 11:50 AM

Why Studebaker Failed

Leighton Schmitt                          

Location: Howard Park 2

This history course will discuss why Studebaker went out of business and several chances that might have saved them. Studebaker made great cars, but that wasn’t enough for them to stand the test of time. We’ll focus on the business decisions Studebaker executives made and discuss the external forces that ultimately led to the end of the line for South Bend’s largest company. It’s a story of drama, dividends, suicide, big gambles, brilliance, idiocy, great successes, and huge losses. An optional course textbook complete with expanded lecture material, photos, and charts will be available for purchase for $20 with all proceeds donated to FLI.

Max: 40   Min: 10     10 Sessions 

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